POP Email


The POP email system a ideal for individual users who only access their emails on one computer.

How the Service Works

The POP email service is a basic system where your emails are stored on the server and your computer then retrieves a copy using an email program like Windows Live Mail, Outlook or Mac Mail.

Once computer retrieves a copy of the email from the server, the computer then tells the server to delete the email after 14 days. This means that only 14 days worth of email are stored on the server and any other emails will only be stored on your computer.

The system is for users who only collect their email on one computer and who backup of their computer as it is the only place the email is stored.

Upon initial setup of the email address, there is a daily sending limit of 25 emails; this increases automatically on a daily basis. The reason for the limit is so that new email addresses are setup and used to send spam.

What's Included

With each mailbox you get:

› 5GB Mailbox
› Web App to access your emails, etc from any web browser
› Basic Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Scanning

What you Need

Windows Computers/Laptops

To use the service on a Windows computer or laptop you can use either the Web App, Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

Mac Computers/Laptops

The system is compatible with Mac Mail and also Outlook for Mac 2011/2016

Smart phones and Tablets

The system is compatible with nearly all smart phones and tablets.

What the Service Costs

POP email accounts are £1.00 per month per mailbox.

The service is paid for annually in advance and the price is plus VAT.

Click for details on how to setup POP email on your devices.

Click for the End User License Agreement for the POP Email Service.