Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Our servers are located in a UK managed data centre which enables us to offer speed and reliability with 24/7 technical support.

Server Access

Access to the server is provided through the Plesk Parallels control panel interface. The control panel allows you to view the domains you have registered with us, manage your domains email accounts, view your website files and setup databases for content management websites like WordPress.

Using the control panel you can also install WordPress using the quick installation process found under the applications tab. If you require additional features like access to the DNS settings of the website, these can be added into your control panel allowing you to make any changes that are needed.

Our Hosting Packages

Our hosting packages are very flexible and pricing is based upon how much space your site requires.

Bronze Package - 5MB - £20.00

This allows you 5MB of space and is ideal for small websites of 3 - 5 pages with a few images

Silver Package - 10MB - £40.00

10MB space is for those websites that may have a few more pages or more images

Gold Package - 20MB - £50.00

This is allows 20MB space, which is aimed at people with larger websites with either more content or a large amount of images

Platinum Package - 1GB - £70.00

This package provides 1GB of space which is what we recommend for WordPress sites or websites with a lot of pages, content and images

Additional Space

If your website requires more than 1GB of space, additional storage can be added to the domain at a cost of £70.00 per 1GB

The service is paid for annually in advance and the price is plus VAT.