IMAP Email


Sync your email across multiple devices; this service already includes the Advanced Email Filtering service as standard.

How the Service Works

The IMAP email service is an integrated system for your email; all of your data is stored centrally on the server which is located in a EU data centre and is fully managed and supported 24/7.

Any computer, smart phone or tablet that the email account is configured on synchronises with the server; what this means is that if you are away from your computer and you send an email from your smart phone, when you get back to your computer the email that you sent will also be in the sent items on the computer. Another example, if you are checking your email on your tablet and delete or read a couple of emails, then when you look at the email on your computer or smart phone, those same emails will either show as deleted or read.

The system is ideal for anyone who has their email on multiple devices.

What's Included

With each mailbox you get:

› 5GB or 25GB Mailbox
› Web App to access your emails, etc from any web browser
› Advanced Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Scanning

What you Need

Windows Computers/Laptops

To use the service on a Windows computer or laptop you can use either the Web App, Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013.

Mac Computers/Laptops

The system is compatible with Mac Mail and also Outlook for Mac 2011

Smart phones and Tablets

The system is compatible with nearly all smart phones and tablets.

What the Service Costs

The 5GB Mailbox is £2.75 per month per mailbox (£33.00 per year)

The 25GB mailbox is £3.30 per month per mailbox (£39.60 per year)

For example, if you have three email addresses, info@yourdomain, sales@yourdomain and support@yourdomain and you want to be able to send and receive email for all three addresses then this would be three mailboxes, costing £8.25 per month for 5GB mailboxes or £9.90 per month for 25GB mailboxes.

However, if the main email address used is info@ and you are happy to send all email from the info@ address then the sales@ and support@ email addresses can be setup as aliases of info@. This means that any email sent to sales@ and support@ will be delivered to info@, but when you reply to the email it will be returned to the sender from the info@ email address; therefore the cost would be either £2.75 or £3.30 per month as there is only one mailbox.

The service is paid for annually in advance and the price is plus VAT.